Summer Camps

Why choose a summer with Adventurehills? If you are looking for a summer that will exceed your expectations for leadership, safety, adventure and fun, then is a safe bet. Following are the reasons upon which we have built our hard won reputation.

Weeklong - Action, Adventure & Fun! Adventurehills Camp taps a kid’s natural zest for building, craving for adventure, love of music, painting, writing, creativity and imagination. For in-camp days children would take over the whole show, have fun, energetic, relax, entertain, play, enjoy being together, develop life skills and team spirit that would result in lifelong memories.

An opportunity for self-discovery. Adventurehills Camp attempts to bring life and spontaneity in a child’s heart. We encourage each child to find new things about themselves by bringing out the best in them and help them overcome things within themselves that inhibit their learning curve. We surround them with unique opportunities to discover their self, explore and celebrate their achievement.

Complete hands-on experience. Adventurehills camps enable kids to climb mountains, they think they can’t climb. Jump off of a rock cliff to conquer fear. Explore forest tracks to forget the dangers of steep ravines. Build fires virtually out of nothing. Make their own beds and set their alarm clocks. Create new friendships with people they wouldn’t have chosen to know in their regular lives. Here active learning results in long term recall, synthesis and problem solving skills.

Some rules to follow and learn. Adventurehills Camp is not only learning-by-telling or learning-by-observing program. It is a learning-by-doing program where a realization of doing something new or different is more significant than the end result. Once children master the rules and the context in which it is applied, there is no stopping them. Adventurehills activities are the bedrock of learning. That’s where we pack a punch! Hidden talents are discovered when kids come in touch with a number of different outdoor activities. Possible activities include Rock climbing Rappelling, Trekking, Self Cooking, and more. They are fully risk assessed and led by experienced nationally qualified instructors in more demanding environments such as mountains, cliffs, river and valley.

Safe experience. Adventurehills camps are carefully chosen keeping in mind all the safety parameters. Children are constantly enveloped in a close circle of support. Wilderness challenges are run in an atmosphere to make learning outcomes enjoyable. The challenge may be intellectual, emotional, physical, mental, or a combination of all. No matter how high the mountain, kids to rise up to it.

Extraordinary leaders. The core Adventurehills team has a rich experience of working with school kids. All instructors are fully qualified and experienced leaders in their own right who pledge to provide a conducive and safe wilderness camp learning experience.

Yearning for a summer that’s truly out of the ordinary? Then look no further. Adventurehills promises to be a weekend of action, excitement and outdoor learning. It fulfills an overwhelming wish to stay fit and one step ahead of every situation. The thrill is heart stopping. Here kids are truly in for a wild ride. It will keep them thirsting for more.  

Venture out in the wilderness with Adventurehills. Carry home insights that will guide you for a lifetime. Two exciting locations to fill this summer with fun and adventure. Be prepared to flash a smile. Apart from adventure activities each campsite is well equipped with clean and tented accommodation where delicious meals and clean drinking water will keep hunger pangs at bay. WC Toilets and bathing units take care of hygiene needs. First Aid is always on hand, and if need arises, doctor is just a phone call away.


Binsar Camp is simply a nature  camp and resort, situated near the buffer zone of the Binsar wild life sanctuary, at an altitude of 7000 feet at Dhaulchhina. As being in the middle Himalayan region, it is rich in flora & fauna. It’s ideal for ethnobotanical studies and outdoor learning

Dipdania Camp is an adventure camp near Nanital. A learning and adventure camp ideal for outdoor learning. As being in the Himalayan region, its rich in flora and fauna.

Time Schedule

Wondered what a typical day at Adventurehills looks like? Lets take a peek.

0600hrs. Wake up Call with Tea and cookies

0630hrs. Morning Exercise

0730hrs. Time for fresh en up

0830hrs. Breakfast

0900hrs. Major Adventure Activity Time

1300hrs. Lunch

1330hrs. Time to gather the experience gained

1430hrs. Skill Development Activity

1700hrs. Snack

1730hrs. Camp Games

1830hrs. Reflection

1900hrs. Bonfire with soup; Share experience with friends

2000hrs. Dinner

2130hrs. Time to go to bed and enjoy with friends in tent

2200hrs. Lights off

*Note: Itinerary and the below mentioned activities may differ as per campsite chosen and weather conditions.

Program Option
8 Days and 14 Days

Program Code Departure Date Arrival Date Capacity Location

ASDP 1   18th May                      25th  May                          20 to 40   Dipdania

ASDP 2                       26th May                      8th    June                   10 to 30           Dipdania

ASBN 1                    9th   June                         16th  June                          20 to 40   Binsar

ASBN 2                        17th June                      30th  June                         10 to 30    Binsar           


08 Days Camp : Rs 18500/- 

14 Days Camp : Rs 27500/-

Rates are inclusive of 

  • Travel from Delhi to Delhi.
  • All meals during your stay with Adventrehils.
  • Accommodation in the Tents or Log huts.
  • All Adventure based activities
  • All taxes
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