Village Tourism

After the buzz of big city life, it certainly feels good to take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the silence (or the songs of the birds, to be precise). Village tourism offers all that and even more, a sneak peek into the world of rural traditions and folksy beliefs, accompanied by some hearty traditional Indian bites.

Leave the city behind, and a magical world will open up to you. Lush flora and exciting fauna, homely tastes, accompanied by a sip of good wine, complex traditions and beliefs – let the locals take your hand and lead you into their world. Village tourism or some may call it Rural Tourism, has been quite a hit in Western Europe over the last few years, and it's gaining popularity in India as well, at an amazing speed, as more and more old peasant cottages are renovated (while retaining their traditional characteristics, of course), too much joy of city dwellers looking for a rural or village experience. Countless little village houses offer accommodation/ homestays all over the Himachal Pradesh and Uttrakhand – the best (and certainly most authentic) way to get to know the rich rural culture of North India.

Binsar Village - The Six Sisters Walk
The classic Binsar discovery - timeless villages, dramatic views, ancient temples, wonderful wildlife and walking you will never forget. Spend two days within the village communities for plenty of opportunity to understand and participate in the daily activities. The best possible introduction to the Himalayas.

Saryu Pindar Village Walk
Superb walking, stunning scenery and five charming mountain villages. Enjoy stays in both the Saryu and Pindar Valleys, with a sense of being up close to the Himalayan peaks. You are privately guided throughout. This holiday is for good walkers with an average of five hours a day.
Shimla Homestay
This house is an excellent weekend getaway, from the hectic and chaos of the daily grind in the metro cities. This house is available for both short term and long term stays.
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